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15 December 2009


The theme is "BEST FAMILY PHOTO" contest.
Contest is now running till 28th Dec 2009. Prizes worth RM1.5K to be won :) HURRY JOIN NOW !!
*** Click here @ the banner below to join ***

Gambar bahagia kami sekeluarga masa percotian di Langkawi bulan oktober yg lepas...menariknya gambar nie...kebahagiaan dan keceriaan jelas terpancar sepanjang percutian di sana...." PEACE NO WAR!!!" hiks...skg kalo nak bergambar aqil mesti suh wat pisssss!!!!!so kena layantz gaks apa yg dia suh kita buat....so gambo nie guna selftimer jek...sapa lah yg nak amik gambo kitorang plak kan?hehehe...gambo nie ori tau...xde teknik editing pon....harap2 diterima oleh para juri dlm menilai ketulenan dan keaslian gambar....

Here's the SIMPLE steps...
1. Find your BEST FAMILY photo (must include at least one parent and one child, extended families welcome too) - DONE!!!
2. Blog about it with the title "MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST" (other title will be disqualified) - DONE!!!
3. Mention about the contest in your blog with links back to this contest page - DONE!!!
4. Add our contest banner on your blog's sidebar/top page - DONE!!!
5. Be MOBS follower on blogspot, tweeter and/or Facebook (either one or all) - DONE!!!
6. Leave a comment HERE with blog link + email address (no email will be disqualified) - DONE!!!

Contest link :

That's it !!! Simple enough?
Yeah... we didn't want to complicate things so much :)
So hurry .. get that BEST PHOTO out !!

Now the exciting part....


Grand Prize (RM500)
Beauty Hamper Worth RM80 from My Dressing Barn
BAG worth RM99 from Gin & Jacqie
VOUCHER RM150 from Little Princess Wardrobe
VOUCHER RM50 from TeaRoom by Bel Jee
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM50 from Pixmoment Photography
VOUCHER RM50 from Aivee-emart

1st Prize (RM250)
Book Hamper worth RM60 from Little Red Reading Nook
Native Pua Kumbu worth RM70 from 328 Gallery
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM50 from Pixmoment Photography
VOUCHER RM50 from Everything For U From Me

2nd Prize (RM200)
VOUCHER RM50 from ComfyBebe
Baking HAMPER worth RM50 from Sassezz
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM50 from Aivee-emart
VOUCHER RM30 from The Baby Bliss

3rd Prize (RM150)
Tudung worth RM85 from Lemari Ummi
Jewelleries Set worth RM50 from Jewelleries by S
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe

4th Prize (RM100)
VOUCHER RM50 from ComfyBebe
DIY Craft Set worth RM20 from Ms Craft Shoppe
VOUCHER RM30 from The Baby Bliss

5th Prize (RM80)
VOUCHER RM60 from Little Cutie World
VOUCHER RM20 from Cupcake Chic Boutique

6th Prize (RM70)
VOUCHER RM50 from ComfyBebe
VOUCHER RM20 from Cupcake Chic Boutique

7th Prize (RM70)
VOUCHER RM50 from Mrs Baby Cool
VOUCHER RM20 from Cupcake Chic Boutique

8th Prize (RM50)
VOUCHER RM50 from Branded Baby Closet

9th Prize (RM50)
VOUCHER RM50 from Aivee-emart

... that's right !!
10 lucky winners
Prizes over RM1.5K to be won :)


Terms & Condition :
1. This contest is opened to Malaysian bloggers only. Entry can be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
2. Contest starts from 8th December 2009 to 28th December 2009
3. All prizes are sponsored by our very own Malaysian Blog/Shop sellers. Winner's email will be handed on to the respective sponsors and they in turn will contact you directly on claiming your prizes.
4. In the event of unforseen circumstances that any of the sponsors fails to contact you or deliver your prize, MOBS will NOT be in any way responsible for it. But we would really appreciate an email be sent to us if you did NOT receive your prizes within One (1) month from the WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT so MOBS can do the necessary actions :)
5. By participating, you expressly consent for your particulars to be posted on MOBS
6. Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained
7. WINNERS will be chosen by our panel judges :)
8. Winners will be announced on MOBS and also will be contacted via email by the respective sponsors.
9. MOBS reserves the rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to you and shall become effective on such date as determine by us. You agree to be bound by such amendments.
10. MOBS reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of our control.
11. Sponsors or spouse are NOT allowed to join the contest... thank you :)

Thank you to our sponsors for helping us spread the word :)
Read their blog entries about the contest here !!

Ms Craft Shoppe

Aivee E-Mart

Baby Cool Shoppe

Branded Baby Closet

Thank you to our sponsor who helped put up our contest banners :)
Truly appreciate the effort !!

My Dressing Barn


Cupcake Chic

Little Red Reading Nook

harap-harap menang!!!hadiah besssttttt wooooo......

so layantzzzz je la eh!!!!

3 tukang karut:

Anonymous said...

Hi sis, thanks for joining MOBS contest. Sha dah chk.. semua ckp syarat. Good luck ya !!

:) Sha of MOBS

Anonymous said...


gd luck k

UmiDAnisH said...

gudluck yantz.. chaiyokk