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23 January 2009

fun & win @TLC!!!

One evening at the kid birthday party….

Miss bz body : is it your kid? The clothes look branded and stylish.Is it a new shop in town?
Me : Very simple just a click Thelilcaliph.com
Miss bz body : come again? Wat kalip .com?

Me : Thelilcaliph.com…
Miss bz body : whats so special about it?
Me : that’s everything inside thelilcaliph.com…juz click on!!!

Oooh….hopefully the miss bz body get bz on the web I given to her last week!!ahaks….yesss!!! all the things is become easier if u know how to find the better way how to shops yours or your kid needs.Yezzzaa…I’am ashopaholics moms that’s all the way I want my kids look gorgeous. Now every kid can look good n cute with their hot momma!!!

Now I got a fantastic news that thelilcaliph.com has organized the contest for the bloggers!!! So what are you waiting for? Lets join the contest!!! Mmmmm…I’m dreaming to fly…fly… and fly away to BALI or PHUKET. hopefully my wish for 2009 to go holiday wif my 2 heroes came true!!! So don’t missed up to join this contest coz 2 more bloggers shall win a vacation for a 3D2N to LANGKAWI, REDANG OR TIOMAN ISLAND. Fantastic is it?

So once again, my duty is to promote this hottest website to all the momma out there to catch-up and look-up on what’s a unique and gorgeous about thelilcaliph.com. Who knows I can get a reward from thelilcaliph? Perhaps…...

so enjoy to view it HERE for more information about thelilcaliph.com and the contest details. Enjoice!!!

6 tukang karut:

farah amoi said...

nanti akak try yea

memang ko suka layan kuiz or contest yea

nanti kalau ada yg best-best lagi
ko kasitau yea
pahtu ajar akak plak yea....

Anonymous said...

kalu menang bawak nisya sekali tau!!!!
x pown....bg ampau!!!akakaz.....

E-Marlin said...

saya x minat masuk apa2 contest hehehe...... bg saya semua tipu belaka hahahaha...boleh gittew

UnGu VioLeT said...

salam kenal.. salam ziarah...nice site.. ade mase, dtgla singgah ke teratak saya pulak..

supermummy said...

hi first time lawat ur blog..anyway good luck for the contest!

intelligence said...